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litter training
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  1. Introductions
    So I put my hedgehog in the litter box when I see he's pooping and he seems to run out immediately every time is their a way to stop this?
  2. General Questions
    Hi all, I'm Picking up my new spikey bundle of joy on Sunday! She is called Marjorie and is 13 weeks old! I had a hedgehog boy a few years back, but never litter trained him. Hence, his wheel was his toilet! I wanted to try litter training Marjorie, since she will be much younger than he was...
  3. General Questions
    We got Mrs. Tiggy Winkle our hedgie a couple weeks ago and are trying to 'potty' train her. She's about 9 weeks old now. She has a Carolina storm wheel and normally poops and pees on that, so I've taken it out to encourage her to use her litter box. I read somewhere it was advised to litter...
  4. General Questions
    Hi, I am getting my hedgehog next weekend, and I'd like some advice. Is it worth trying to litter train a hedgehog? I have heard mixed reviews and stories of both success and failure. If it is worth it, how does one litter train a hedgehog? Thanks
  5. Wheels
    Hi, :grin: I'm a new hedgie owner and I've done LOTS of research before deciding to get my hedgie. One thing I am concerned about is litter training and his wheel. I've read that when attempting to litter train your pet, you should keep the wheel out of the cage because it distracts them and...
  6. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    My Dill Prickles is a 8 month old male that I got in June 2015. He is my first hedgie! I tried when I first got him to go in a litter box in his cage, but he didn't respond well. I didn't know exactly what I was doing, which may have played a part in this. Is it possible to train an older hedgie...
  7. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    Hi everyone, I just got my 8-week-old hedgie Poky this Wednesday. She seems like she is still not used to my house yet and likes to stay in her igloo for most time. Whenever I try to interact with her by moving her igloo and holding her, she has her quills up/hisses. I understand this is natural...
  8. General Questions
    Hey guys! I'm a soon to be mother of a baby hedgie in just a few short weeks :grin: I'm so excited and have researched thoroughly about how to care for a hedgehog. My question for today that I was unable to find an answer online is about litter training. I remember from the back of my mind that...
1-8 of 8 Results