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litter pan

  1. General Questions
    I just got my first hedgehog for christmas as a present from my boyfriend, so i'm sill very new to hedgehog behavior. A few weeks ago I had gotten on of those corner litter pans and put some litter in it, to try and have him use it i put old poo's in there. He seemed to have used it once, but...
  2. General Questions
    I would love to try and litter pan train my hedgie! Problem is I don't want to buy a litter pan until I know if he will use it or not. I was wondering if yall knew a way to make a diy one. Or a link? Thanks in advance:) :D:D
  3. General Questions
    I'm just wondering what I should use as a litter pan. I've been looking around and was wondering if things like ferret litter pans are too high for the hedgie to get in? Should it be lower so it's more accessible? Any recommended products? :)