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  1. Heating
    Hi! I was convinced my room was warm enough for my future hedgie. (Like 72 degrees farenheit) But I have been hearing that is too cold.... And our house is getting chillier. I am getting him in September (I know, I am planning WAY ahead..) and it will be fall (even colder!) So, I am asking...
  2. Heating
    Hi everyone. I need a little help with my heat setup. All advice is appreciated. What is the best lamp/reflector dome? I have 4 options here. 1. Fluker's 8.5" Repta Clamp Lamp with Switch 2. Zilla 11596 8-1/2-Inch Premium Reflector Dome 3. Zoo Med Deluxe Porcelain...
  3. Heating
    I don't have a hedgehog but do plane to own one, but I was wondering if I could just use a lamp with dial/dimmer on it rather then a lamp and thermostat (you can turn it to change how much heat its putting out). Also can I use the red light bulbs that you would use to heat reptile cages as with...
1-3 of 4 Results