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  1. Health
    My hedgehog pip has a cyst on her kidney, shes super active and eats well. The vet said it isnt common in hedgehogs, so im wondering if anyone else has dealt with it before.
  2. Bleeding, Female
    My partner and I were given her cousin's hedgehog on Christmas 2015. We were told she was about a year old. The previous owners fed her dry cat food and despite our efforts she refused hedgehog food in favor of cat food. She started on meal worms but after we accidentally bought super worms...
  3. Bleeding, Female
    Hello fellow hedgie owners! My sweet girl, Q, has had a pretty crazy medical history. When she was 1.5 years old, she had bleeding in her urine and they gave her a hysterectomy. The results of her biopsy on the uterus were inconclusive, but indicated no cancer. While she was under, the...
  4. Bleeding, Female
    So to try and cut a very long story short my hedgie Lilly who is around 4 years old now (I've had her for a year) wasn't seeming herself; off food and no energy. Took her to vets who couldn't see anything wrong but gave antibiotics just in case. She seemed to perk up and at least eat again. A...
  5. Teeth & mouth issues
    Hello! First of all, I am very sorry that this post is probably in the wrong place, however I was not certain where to start a thread. Basically, is there such thing as kidney disease in hedgehogs? Luis is 5 years old and drinks a ton of water sometimes. I know that in dogs and cats this is a...
  6. Health
    I've been very depressed lately ever since my hedgehog, Damien, started having health problems :cry: Recently within the last month his health has declined. First I started noticing he was having a slight "whistle" to his breathing. I ignored it for a week or two because he was only doing it...
1-6 of 6 Results