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irritated skin
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  1. Health
    My hedgehog is 3 years old, she's never been extremely social and really enjoyed her own space. She's always been extremely large and has always had dryer skin than most hedgehogs. A few months ago I noticed she started loosing more quills than normal, I didn't think much about it because when...
  2. General Questions
    Hi! I'm a new hedgie owner, I've done all the research I've can but my breeder hasn't replied yet and I'm getting sad watching my hedgie so itchy, and scared. I just adopted her 4 days ago, and she's been doing amazing adjusting up until today. I woke her up after I got home from work around...
  3. Skin
    Hi guys, I've only had Lewie (Ludwig) for a little under a week and can't help but notice the skin near his ears seem a little pinker than everywhere else. I might just be over cautious, but I'd rather be over than none. He has carefresh bedding, but I'll soon be switching over to liners. He...
1-3 of 3 Results