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  1. Health
    Hi everybody, I took my boy Quilly to the vet yesterday. He had been irritable for the past 2 or 3 days, huffing and jumping every time we touched him and grabbed him, and generally being very skittish, also shaking his head a good couple times. The vet checked him everywhere (she had to sedate...
  2. Health
    My hedgehog is around a year and a half old and is healthy. She is eating and drinking normally but has been acting strangely. Normally she is not easily startled and is pretty chill, but recently she has been acting very frantic, irritable, and jumpy. She isn't sticking out her quills and...
  3. General Questions
    Hi, this is my first question on here but I am just getting worried about my little one! He's usually very social and loves me stroking him and handling him but he has become very very irritable with me. He keeps jumping or huffing/hissing when I go near him and he's becoming very skittish. He's...
1-3 of 3 Results