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  1. Igloos, Bags & Sleeping options
    Hi everyone! Currently my Pippa sleeps in her large igloo which seems to be working perfectly fine. I was wondering though, have y'all noticed that your hedgehogs like a different type of hideaway better? Is an igloo something they use in the long run, or only when they're smaller? I hope this...
  2. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    I recently (yesterday) got my first hedgehog. Her name is Coco and she is 7 months old. When we got her from the pet store they said she hadn't been handled nearly as much as she should have. I have done hours and hours of research so I know that it's normal that she huffs and puffs up when we...
  3. Igloos, Bags & Sleeping options
    I've had Legolas for over a months and the first week he used his hideaway constantly but then I removed the corner litter box and put one under his wheel to save space and keep the fleece clean under his wheel. Ever since then he sleeps under the wheel in the litter box and has never went in...
1-3 of 3 Results