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  1. General Questions
    Hey, im planning to get a hedgehog soon and decided to read about them first to know if I can take care of them. One of the main things that Ive read is that hedgehogs can spread diseases from their stool and that people recommend washing hands before and after handling your hedgehog or...
  2. Breeding & Babies Help
    Is it normal for cages that have a litter too smell more than usual? Even after I clean it, the cage starts to smell again in a few days.
  3. Cages
    What do I use to wash my hedgies things such as his water bottle and dish? Is it ok to use regular dish soap like dawn or? My Hedgie also lives in a 50 gallon tank so I want to know if it's ok to clean the glass with glass cleaner or will that cause my Hedgie issues?
  4. Health
    Just want to ask if bleach is ok to use on hedgehogs? I tried whitening dog and cat shampoos but they just dont work on my hedgies belly stains. And please help how do i clean his ears. Its getting dirty and i cant stick cotton buds because he always roll and hide his head everytime i attempt to...
1-4 of 4 Results