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  1. General Questions
    so my hedgie usually sleeps majority of the day, he mostly comes out to eats and i’ll hold him for about 30 minutes and then he’ll go back into his tunnel or sleeping bag and sleep again; today he was awake majority of the day not awake in his tunnel or anything he would sit in the open area of...
  2. Health
    Hi hedgie lovers, in these days the hot season is starting in Italy and, sadly, it‘s hotter than ever. Maka has been doing great even if in her cage the temperature reaches 28 C, I put a tablet of ice everyday but she never goes there even when it’s not so cold anymore, she doesn’t even want to...
  3. Health
    So I recently moved to a house with no AC unit. As temperatures heat up I plan on using my evaporation cooler to cool my house down (in my main living area, NOT the same room as my hedgehog). One of my concerns is I usually mix baking soda/vinegar into the water in the evaporation cooler so that...
1-3 of 3 Results