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  1. Adults
    Hello I purchased Wookie about a year ago he's a very cute Hedgehog male. Unfortunately my life has come to a point that I can no longer spend the time with the little guy that he needs in order to have happy healthy life (the hours at work have been getting longer). With this being said I am...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I adopted Prudence a week ago yesterday and am so excited to bond with her! I chose to adopt a retired hedgie from a local breeder, and she is such a sweet thing. Apperantly she had been retired since last July, but everyone always wants a baby so she still hadn't been adopted. I was originally...
  3. Breeding & Babies Help
    I'll be keeping one of my hedgies babies as my own and one until my boyfriend is here to get his baby. We both each want to keep a girl ( but idk what genders the hoglets are yet ), but I was just wondering when I should take the two girls out of the mom's cage so it isn 't too cramped. The...
  4. Cages
    Hello, I am looking to make my hedgehog a bigger cage. I would like to use the C&C Grids and chloroplast. However i can't find a cheap place to buy the grids. I noticed they have websites that sell the full amount of supplies but they are too expensive. Can anyone help me?
1-4 of 5 Results