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  1. For Sale
    i have a baby hedgehog in need of a new home. he is such a sweetheart, and i absolutely hate to see him go, but i cant keep five hedgehogs, my mom barely let me have two! this is my first litter of hoglets, and it sucks i cant find someone near by that i know to take him in =(. he loves loves...
    $250 USD
  2. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    i have three six week old hoglets. i seperated the males and put them into new cages yesterday (as well as gave them their first bath) but one of my babies changed drastically after being separated from his mom. he was actually the sweetest one of the litter. he was always cuddly, and loved to...
  3. Health
    i was handling my hedgehogs and i noticed one of my males have buldges near his tail? his brother doesnt have them, and im confused. could these be testicles or a tumor? im leaning towards tumor since he is still so young. i got a picture, though im not sure if its good enough to make them out...
1-3 of 3 Results