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  1. Travel
    Hi! In two weeks my family is going up to TN, when we do go I will be getting my first hedgehog. They will be staying with us one day at a hotel or family members house while we visit family then we will leave and it will be a straight 16 hour drive. I feel pretty prepared. I know to bring...
  2. Health
    Hi, today I was holding my 3 year old female hedgehog Leni, when I noticed she had an unusual bump on her leg after she had pooped. I think it might’ve appeared overnight because yesterday I was playing with her and I hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary. I have no idea what it is or what it...
  3. Fecal & Intestinal issues
    Hello everyone, I have 2 hedgehogs. Oliver will be 3 on January 1st and Stanley is a rescue so I'm not exactly sure how old he is, but he is definitely over 3. I noticed 2 weeks ago that Oliver had bloody stool and he had white stringy things in his wheel. I thought it may have been worms, but...
  4. General Questions
    wondering if a used fish tank is okay to use for a new baby hedgehog, if cleaned very good? Need to know ASAP!
  5. Introductions
    heyya im planning to buy a hedgehog. this is not my first pet, may it be exotic or not(i have dogs and currently have a snake). however, as i did my research i found out that hedgies are sensitive to noise and you see i live near a rail road. would this affect my hedgies health? i really want to...
1-5 of 6 Results