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  1. General Questions
    Hello hedgehog friends, My hedgehog Zula is already a picky eater and she would hardly eat anything I give. i found that she really liked chicken baby food. so when we cuddled i would give her some to help her bond with me. now that she is older she wont eat much of her baby food and wont even...
  2. New Member Introductions
    heyya im planning to buy a hedgehog. this is not my first pet, may it be exotic or not(i have dogs and currently have a snake). however, as i did my research i found out that hedgies are sensitive to noise and you see i live near a rail road. would this affect my hedgies health? i really want to...
  3. Health
    Hello, I have noticed something, I have a hedgehog that has green gooey stool. I just want to know what it may be caused by or something? What should I do about it? Is she okay? Thanks, JadeTheHedgehog
21-23 of 23 Results