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  1. Wheels
    Made a video to demonstrate. He's currently not using the one the previous owners gave me (which is only 8" diameter). He probably used it as a baby/under 1 year age so it was great for him when he was tiny. I was wondering why he never used his wheel. The quills rub the center pole...
  2. Wheels
    Hi ! So I need help in choosing a wheel for my hedgehog. Since i dont live in america/europe the choices for suitable hedgehog wheels are limited. These are the only choices I have, can you hel me pick which one is the best. when i get my hedgehog he'll be 2 months old Comes in 2 sizes 12" and...
  3. Wheels
    I just got a flying saucer wheel for my new hedgie. I hesitated to put it in his cage because I recently read many horror stories associated to the FS wheel. I know he needs a wheel in his cage but a bucket wheel/silent spinner style wheel does not fit in his cage because it is too tall. I want...
1-3 of 3 Results