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  1. Toys
    My hedgehog is extremely picky when it comes to...anything really, but especially for toys. The only ones she'll interact with are the ones with some sort of food in them, otherwise they sit there untouched. But she's also easily bored and needs something other than her wheel, or else she starts...
  2. DIY How to make your own
    I posted last week for more instructional post about how to DIY for hedgie stuff. I got ZERO response. :???: So I am giving one of my own to help out future hedgie lovers in search of DIY instructions! :grin: These are four a small cube toy, but be creative with your size and shapes! Supplies...
  3. Toys
    I am new to the whole hedgehog thing but I am sure loving it!!! :-D I have a few questions about toys though. 1. What do most hedgehogs like to play with? I've heard of toilet paper tubes but my little guy won't go near his! He also has a little cat ball with a bell and several small stuffed...
1-3 of 3 Results