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hedgehog color

  1. General Questions
    I can’t quite determine what color my girl is. I got her here in Korea and her color wasn’t mentioned. At first I thought she was brown but the base of her quills look too dark to be brown. The tips of her quills are cream colored, almost all are banded (but she does have some all white ones)...
  2. Color Help
    Just curious. I tried to read the guide on how to figure it out but it was confusing! Just wondering if someone experienced out there can tell me :grin:
  3. Color Help
    I recently adopted a baby hedgehog that I was told will be a year old in August. I was told he is a Pinto Hedgehog but upon reading the color guide I'm beginning to question if perhaps the original owner was told the wrong breed? He's all white-ish yellow (very faint off white) with a white...