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  1. General Questions
    Hey, im planning to get a hedgehog soon and decided to read about them first to know if I can take care of them. One of the main things that Ive read is that hedgehogs can spread diseases from their stool and that people recommend washing hands before and after handling your hedgehog or...
  2. Fun Stuff
    Hello everyone! <3 I'm curious to know about more of your hedgies that are on Instagram or on Facebook. Let's follow each other. The Instagram I have for my hedgehogs is @hedgiesmeetworld.
  3. Diet and Nutrition
    So i was wondering, i wanna try to give my little man some fruits. I've looked to see what is safe and what is not, and iwas wondering, when i go to give it to them should i cut it up into little peices ot make it easier for him to eat, or shouldi just leave it and let him bite off his own from...
  4. Health
    Im freaking out guys. So i just got a hedgehog, and i love him soo much. anyway, i let him down to explore in my living room and he ended up crawling under my couch. I couldnt get him out, no matter how hard i tried, so i got behind my couch to move it a bit, thinking maybe he'd come out. well...
  5. Introductions
    I am very new here, but just wanted to introduce myself to the hedgehog community.:) I recently was given a four year old hedgehog by a relative moving overseas, and am a relatively inexperienced owner. I have had several other pets, but never any kind of rodent. So far it has been a great...
  6. General Questions
    my little hedgy pepper hates having her nails trimmed! I have tried everything and my hand are too small to grab her by the tuff of her neck... Tonight I though u would try putting her on top of her cage so he paws would fall through so I could grab them and clip them. She HATED IT she...
1-6 of 7 Results