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  1. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    Hello I am desperate need of help with my hedgie. I went on an internship of 4 months and left my hedgie in the care of my fiance. He gave him baths but that was really the only thing he did with Grayson. When I finally came home I had a very angry hedgehog and he would not let me pick him up or...
  2. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    Ok so I have had my hedgehog for a week now and she is about 6 months old. I was just wondering if there is anything I can do to get her to become more friendly towards me. Every time I come near hear she rolls into an angry ball of huffing, clicking, and popping. It takes her at least an hour...
  3. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    I just picked up a 1 year old male hedgehog today, since I brought him home he's been breathing quickly and doing a little jump thing constantly... He's slept a bit but I'm still a little worried... Is this something I should look deeper into? Or is it just the stress of moving?
  4. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    I got a year old hedgehog almost a week ago. She still huffs around me. But occasionally she will smell me and rub on my hand. But if I let her she buffs and points out her quills. Will I ever be able to hold her? How do i work up to doing this? I already have a pair of my worn shorts in her...
  5. Health
    HI! I am worried sick about my african pygmy hedgehog, penny. I got her in october and i admit i did not play with her and spend as much time with her than i should have. But now i want that to change, but i'm afraid it's too late. Recently she hasn't been eating or drinking much / at all. She...
1-5 of 5 Results