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  1. Adults
    1 year old hedgehog female for sale in Revere Massachusetts. Name Given: Cinnamon Accepting CASH ONLY
    $300 USD
  2. Adults
    I have a retiree looking for a good home. We require completed application and adoption contracts. Yoshi and his full cage setup available for $250.00 You will need a separate heat setup. Yoshi is shy and not ideal for a first time owner, we definitely prefer he goes to someone who has...
    $250 USD
  3. Health
    Hey everyone. For the past few weeks my hedgehog, Colby, had been struggling with what we thought was a URI. The vet said there’s a chance it could be heart failure but ruled it out for the time being until he was done with his dose of Baytril to try to clear the congestion up in his lungs. He’s...
  4. Introductions
    Hello everyone! I’m back again with some fantastic news. I have a new hedgie in my life! Every since the passing of my sweet Hatter, my life hasn’t been the same. So I figured it was finally time to introduce a new family member. To continue the Alice in Wonderland theme I have with my pets...
  5. Introductions
    Hello everyone, My name is Hannah and I’m unfortunately joining this forum a little late as I found my handsome boy, Hatter, had passed away suddenly on Dec 24th. He was only about 3 years old and as a first time hedgie owner, I am absolutely devastated. I’m making this post to share him with...
  6. Health
    Hello! Any experienced hedgehog owners? I have been having ****** for about 3 years, and recently she lost quite a bit of weight. And first she had ear inflammation which was handled properly and given drops and antibiotics which subsided the inflammation and it went away. But recently after a...
  7. Other Countries
    Hey i really want to buy a hedehog but i cant find a place to buy it can somoene hekp with this matter? I live in the Netherlands
  8. General Questions
    About three days ago my hedgehog who was pregnant had a large stillborn baby. Today she had three more, all stillborn from what i can tell. Should i be worried about her having a litter of all stillborn babies? From what i know this is her first litter, I rescued her about a month ago. I am...
  9. Rescue
    Hey everyone! I’m moving locations and unfortunately cannot take my little man with me! He is an 11 month old African Pygmy Hedgehog and sweet as could be. For $225, he would come along with his 12 inch running wheel, heating lamp, snuggle sacks, any and all toys, bedding for litter box, bag of...
  10. United States
    Hi i am looking for hedgehog for a pet. I am owner of your animal info . I have too many pets so i decided to buy a hedgehog for a pet. how can you help me
  11. General Questions
    Why my hedgie is making this sound? HELP Why my hedgehog is doing this sound? I uploaded to YouTube
  12. General Questions
    I really hate my hedgehog
  13. Bleeding, Male
    My hedgie had some blood in his poop last week, so I got him checked out and the vet said he was fine. Now he pooped some green/blood on Saturday and tonight seems a little wobbly. I am calling the vet tomorrow but wanted to see if anyone could help right now
  14. Health
    Hi, I've seen a lot of posts regarding how to keep your hedgehog warm in a winter power outage, but none about how to keep them cool. We have bad summer storms in my area, so we lose power some times which, of course, knocks the AC out. The power was back on before I went to sleep, but the AC...
  15. Cages
    Hello! I currently have my hedgehog, Cassie, in an about 2x3 foot bin cage. She is very intergenic at night and I feel like she needs a bigger cage. I couldn't find a bigger bin though. I don’t feel comfortable making a c&c cage for her because she is a bit of a climber and even with the plastic...
  16. Health
    Hello! My hedgehog, Cassie is very healthy other than this one little thing. I’ve noticed her nose is a bit runny. It does seem she has been licking her nose a lot because her nose area is pinker than usual. This only happened twice this week but I just wanted to make sure she was okay. She has...
  17. Skin
    Hedgie has red spots for two days, i don't think it is caused by food allergies. Spots keep getting bigger, any assumption about the spots? What should I do? 😣😥
  18. General Questions
    I have a 9 week baby. We never had Fleas until this past week. My roommates cat had gotten fleas. That being said. There are hedgehog fleas which these aren't. Can Hedgehogs get fleas from a cat? I've read different things. Some say yes, some say no. She so far has none. I've checked her over...
  19. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    Hi everyone, My hedgehog name is Muya. He is a boy. This problem happened since last year until now. I took him to meet exotic doctor many times. My little boy always bite his ass when I didn’t stay home or sleep.He got wound in the same point. Even I clean his wound everyday or when doctor...
  20. Health
    Hello! My 2 year old hedgehog just went very limp, and was non-responsive( usually she'll hiss or puff up a little when I move her around) I thought she died while cuddling me, I took her out of her blanket and was trying to wake her, I could tell something was wrong, when I held her in my hand...
1-20 of 212 Results