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  1. Heating
    i’m new to this website so i honestly don’t know if i’m putting this in the right spot but i plan on getting a hedgehog soon but i just wanted to check to see if a critter nation is a good choice for me. I was planning on getting a double CN and putting the hedgehog on the top with the ceramic...
  2. Heating
    I am planning on using a heat pad under the cage for my hedgie. What setting should I use and would this one be O.K? Thanks. :) http://www.walmart.com/ip/Sunbeam-Vinyl-Heating-Pad/19298495
  3. Heating
    Ok so I'm preparing to get a hedgehog in the next few weeks...I plan on using a sterilite tote as a cage. My house can get very cold in the winter so I want to make sure that the hedgehog is warm. I have placed some items in my shopping cart to help heat my...
  4. Heating
    I have a human heating pad which I folded together and placed it underneath his cage. It's plastic, but it certainly won't burn the cage. I have tested and placed my fingers on the surface, it is quite warm to the touch, but my hedgie always curls up RIGHT in the heat. Basically he just kicks...
1-4 of 4 Results