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  1. Heating
    I got 8.5 in dome with 150 watts CHE and placed in to top of plastic cage (40 gallons) with the metal wire grid things. I placed it slightly near my hedgehog’s sleeping area. I also use a thermometer to check the temperature to make sure it’s not too cold. However every time I check the...
  2. Heating
    i’m new to this website so i honestly don’t know if i’m putting this in the right spot but i plan on getting a hedgehog soon but i just wanted to check to see if a critter nation is a good choice for me. I was planning on getting a double CN and putting the hedgehog on the top with the ceramic...
  3. Heating
    I live in an apartment right across the street from a car lot-- the apartments were built before the car lot, I'd assume, since the windows are huge and in every room. Up until recently, it's been about 70 F inside at all times so at night, I would just toss a blanket over my hedgie's cage at...
  4. Heating
    Hey everyone, So as the days are getting colder I am getting concerned that my hedgehogs heating pad is not enough to warm her. Does anyone have any suggestions of the types of heat lamps I could buy for her? Any brands that you prefer? What kind of bulb? What wattage? Thank you all <3
  5. General Questions
    I've owned 2 hedgehogs in about 4 years or so. My newer one lives in a 110 L Steralite plastic bin. Recently I've noticed she hasn't been running around as often as usual. I want to build her a bigger C&C cage so she has more room to move. My problem is that it won't fit on the wall where she...
  6. Heating
    I've found some on amazon, but I don't have time to wait for it to ship. I looked at petco and petsmart online and saw various "basking bulbs" and stuff for lizards, but nothing specifically saying "ceramic heat emitter." I haven't gone and actually looked in the store as I'm on vacation but I...
1-6 of 6 Results