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  1. New Member Introductions
    I'm so excited to be joining this forum as a proud mom to a 3-month-old female hedgehog named Minnie Pearl. I've suffered from depression and anxiety throughout my life, but after two years of absolutely adoring/ wanting one of these precious animals I finally felt I was in a stable, healthy and...
  2. Skin
    Luis has been through a tough few weeks, and I decided to post a thread to show everyone out there that it his situation isn't hopeless! It all started about a month ago. After a crazy day, I came home with hopes to cuddle my hedgehog. I picked him up and was stunned to find a large red welt on...
  3. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    Lately, my hedgehog has been making noises a lot lately! They sound like little pops or clicks- similar to if you make a click with your tongue and the root of your mouth (but a little more pop-y and less click-y). He does it a lot when he is snuggled on my lap while I'm petting him. His quills...
  4. Fun Stuff
    Today my Raja's little babies are 2 weeks! Not that theyre little any more! All 4 are still growing and seem healthy!
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello! My name is Crystal and im from Maryland. My fiance and I adopted our first hedgehog on July 27th of this year and we are so happy to welcome in to our home. He is 8 weeks old and a cream color with a black snout. My fiance and I have been thinking about adopting one for a couple of...
  6. Cages
    Hi all, Thought I would share the new set up I made for my little guy. The bucket wheel is unfortunately out of the picture for cleaning. And I had yet to hook up the CHE. But otherwise what do you think? The aluminum tube has ventilation slits across the top and a strip of felt all...
1-6 of 6 Results