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  1. Cages
    Hi there! I've been looking at different cages online and I came across this one that someone handmade for a guinea pig. I'm currently waiting on specific dimensions but it seems large. Assuming that it has enough floor space (and I cover the ramp/ wall in the loft, of course), would this be...
  2. Off Topic
    I don't know if I did this correctly with inserting a photo but I wanted to show y'all my new hedgie bonding bag that I created a couple of days ago. This is for Dakarai when I pick him up this weekend. The dimensions are 10" tall with a 4" wide (stable) bottom so that the bag stays flat and...
  3. Housing & Accessories
    I'm thinking of making my own home for my hedgehog-to-be. Wood is relatively cheap and makes a sturdier box that plastic tubs, however, I know some woods are harmful to hedgehog... If i make myself a wood home for my baby-to-be, what wood would you suggest and what wood would you not...
1-3 of 3 Results