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hair wrapped around foot
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  1. Feet and legs
    I check my hedgie every morning to make sure her feet are free and today it wasn't. I cut all the hair away and there was no blood, no cuts, but her leg had swelled up. I had to go to school but I put her back in her cage to sleep and calm down. I'm super worried and I'm honestly about to have a...
  2. Feet and legs
    A couple days ago I noticed that Buddy hadn't eaten as much as usual and I assumed it was stress and then today I realised that he couldn't reach the food because his foot was trapped in a thread coming from a piece of fabric i had placed in his cage. It's obvious he tried to reach his food...
  3. Feet and legs
    So last night I discovered my little boy Spud had my hair wrapped around his back foot. It was a thick chunk of hair rather than a single stand and very noticeable as soon as I got him out for playtime. I cut it off immediately and have him a bath after to sooth him and clean the foot. He...
1-3 of 3 Results