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  1. Skin
    Hi, my little hedgie, Arwen, has two small scabs on the sides of her nose, both about equal in size. They have been there for a few days now and haven't really healed at all I don't think. Does anybody know what this might be, and how I might be able to help my little girl out? Ill include a...
  2. Health
    Hello, Brief history - I have had Martin for about three to four months now and I am unfortunately his third home, so he does have some social issues. Good news is that I will not give him up. His previous owner had taken him into the vet for an enlarged penis and the vet was able to drain the...
  3. Health
    Hello everyone, I am new to this website, but my Albino Hedgehog Ellie is 1.5 years old. I picked her up today and it looked like her right eye was rolling behind her head, but with a closer look I think that it is actual a growth on the inside of her eye and I know cancer is very common in...
1-3 of 3 Results