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  1. Grooming
    Hi! I am wondering if anyone has used Hedgehog and Friends Hogwash shampoo and cage cleaner? I am getting my second baby hedgehog in a few weeks and have previously used Aveeno baby wash for baths and Nature's miracle cage cleaner. I am looking at purchasing Hedgehog and Friends Hogwash this...
  2. Grooming
    So my little Sirius is constantly getting poopy feet and I've taken him a shower every week for two weeks now is there an easier method to this? I was thinking of cleaning his little feet with baby wipes but I'm not sure :?
  3. Grooming
    Hey all, A couple days ago I brought home my first hedgehog, Chloe. She previously belonged to a family friend who had her for about a year and a half, they just didn't have the time for her. Unfortunately, her nails have never been clipped. Her front nails seem to be at a good length, but her...
  4. Feet and legs
    New grumpy hog needs her nails trimmed badly. I have tried everything.... snuggle bag, foot bath, full bath, cooling rack, scruffing, etc. I was able to trim her front feet by scruffing her, but no matter what I do she curls up her back feet!! Anything else to try?
  5. Liners & Cage bedding
    I'm relatively new to owning a Hedgie so I would just like to get a clear view on a few things. How often should I change the bedding, and how often should I give him a bath and clip his nails? I also read somewhere that iams cat food is only considered mediocre compared to the other high...
1-5 of 5 Results