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fur loss
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  1. Skin
    Thorne's fur loss problem has changed. He isn't losing fur now, which is why I'm making this a separate post from the fur loss question, http://www.hedgehogcentral.com/forums/65-skin/130978-fur-falling-out-cuticle-attached-not-quills.html , and he is less flaky now, but he scratches more and the...
  2. Skin
    Pictures included. Today when I woke Thorne up to eat, I had a black blanket in his hut and noticed it was covered in dry skin and some fur. I forgot to moisturize him after the last bath, then I remembered the next day. So the skin flakes are no surprise. But I am really concerned about the...
  3. Skin
    Hey guys! So I've ran across my first issue with my new hedgie Pippin :( When I first got Pippin he had a slight dandruff problem. Monitored it (to make sure it wasn't mites) gave him oatmeal baths and thankfully the dandruff stopped! Yay! But the itching didn't. Boo. He scratches with his back...
1-3 of 3 Results