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  1. Skin
    Hi! I took my little Martie to the vet last week and he was unsure if she had mites or a skin infection so he's treating her for both. She had one dose of Revolution and then he also had clotrimazole drops to put on her skin. It's been 2.5 weeks and now her skin is extremely flaky. Before...
  2. Hedgehog Health FAQs and Important Topics
    Bad news , my hhog got fungus on her skin! The dr gave antifungal medicine , malaseb shampoo and Revolution. I was in shocked because the first vet visit , dr didn't find any fungus. Again , we have to go to the vet next week , Wish me and my hhog good luck on treating the fungus! Maybe my post...
  3. Fecal & Intestinal issues
    Hello! I am a Pedigreed Hedgehog Breeder from Canada. I recently had a litter of babies, one of which I have had to hold back from her adopter (who is aware of everything), due to a skin condition that I cannot get a diagnosis for. If anybody has experienced anything similar, I would really...
  4. Feet and legs
    My mom was watching my hedgehog this past week and when I came home, her feet and nails were very poopy. When I washed her feet and got the poop from out under her nails I saw that her nails looked very unusual. They are more yellowish and darker colored than they usually are and are deformed...
  5. Teeth & mouth issues
    My 3 month old male hedgie, Monty, has peeling skin all over the oppening of his mouth. I checked everything in his cage and everything seems safe. I don't know what could be causing it or what to do. Someone please help!!!
1-5 of 5 Results