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  1. General Questions
    Hi, I'm a new hedgehog owner of 3 months Papito, i bought him from breeder when he was 1 month. We're still trying to bond, he still try to run away or hide when I pick him up but he's okay with touch or strokes, and eating from my hand. So any bonding suggestions will be very much helpful 😁...
  2. Diet and Nutrition
    Hello! For the last few nights Amy has been leaving like 1/4 of her food but eating it during the day (it's the same amount as before). Is it normal or should I be concerned? Thank you in advance😊
  3. Health
    Hello fellow hedgehog community! So our little hoggy had an incident where he badly hurt his tongue while in his pen. We *think he cut his tongue on some newsprint paper at the base of his pen and then he tried to get rid of the pain by chewing on his tongue more, eventually it got so mangled...
  4. Diet and Nutrition
    Hello! Today I bought my hedgie, Cassie, some new treats. I was making sure these are okay. I read the ingredients which didn’t seem too bad and I figured if something didn’t work out, I could give them to my cat. Cassie would eat them in a limited amount and on rare occasions. Thanks!
  5. General Questions
    HI heggie lovers, I would appreciate if anyone could give me advice on the following . My heggie is 10 moths old, and we keep him out of cage at all times, providing him with with required temperature. He is very healthy and fit and running all night long and he has never had any problems...
  6. General Questions
    So im looking at getting a new hedgie, i havent had one in nearly 3 years so im researching as a refresher. Ive seen a lot of 'moisture' content in the hedgie food ive seen online, but i dont know what the minimum/maximum moisture should be in the hedgies food. help :(
  7. Diet and Nutrition
    Just wondering what the general opinion is on baby foods for hedgies as a treat. Domino is very anti anything that isn’t her kibble (she will just eat around anything else in her bowl including her old kibble her precious owner left for me). I’ve tried lettuce, blackberries, plain cooked...
  8. Diet and Nutrition
    Anyone have any ideas of store bought treats?
  9. Diet and Nutrition
    I've been looking into getting a hedgehog and have seen that cat food is often recommended. I currently have a cat that eats Iams Proactive Health healthy senior. Would that be good to also feed a hedgehog?
  10. General Questions
    I've been using the Stay Bowl for my hedgehog (since other bowls he used to tip over). He is just a few months past 2 yrs old now...Recently, however, the food has been getting much more all over the place. He steps in his food bowl with poopy feet a lot of the food gets all over my floor. I was...
  11. Diet and Nutrition
    Hey!! So I'm very new to this whole hedgehog owning thing, I just got my first baby boy Astro this past Friday, June fifth. On June 12th he will be 7 weeks old and he weighs 214gms. I just got back from his vet wellness check and they absolutely adored him! The breeder did an incredible job with...
  12. Health
    My hedgehog is around 4 years old, and the doctor is almost sure he has lung cancer. Because of finances, the doctor's near-certainty that he has cancer, and the hedgie's perpetually cranky temperament, we have not done extensive or heavy testing for fear that it would make things even worse...
  13. Diet and Nutrition
    So, I am preparing to pick up my first hedgie on Sunday. He is almost 2 months old. I have been reading TONS of forums and tonight's reading was mainly focus on feeding. I will be feeding him Solid Gold Winged Tiger food. There's just one thing I am still unclear about. I know that people say...
  14. General Questions
    Hi I just got a baby hedgehog (12 weeks old) and I have had him for three days now. I know from doing research that when a hedgehog is initially moved to a new home they will have different eating and poop colors for a bit as they adjust. However, my baby has small dark firm poops right now...
  15. Diet and Nutrition
    Hey everyone! When I got my hedgehog I was given 2 ziplock bags full of a mixture of puppy food to feed him. While doing research I have seen other people talking about feeding their hedgies fruits and vegetables. Is that an option? I'd love to hear what everyone feeds their lovies!! Thank you!
  16. Diet and Nutrition
    Hi again! I know it has been a bit but I am still deciding whether to get a hedgehog. One thing that has been bugging me to know, though, are their treats for hedgehogs? If not, could they have other pet treats, if so, which ones? I also need to know what food hedgehogs need, have you got any...
  17. Diet and Nutrition
    Hello! I'm planning on changing my 3month old hedgehog's cat food from Friskies Indoor Delights (30% Crude Protein, 9% Crude Fat). However, the person I got her from did not mention that it contained corn and other ingredients that seems to be bad for hedgehogs, so I decided to change her food...
  18. Diet and Nutrition
    Dear all, I'm having a bit of a panic and I would really appreciate some advice! A few years ago I had an albino pygmy hedgehog who very sadly passed away from a heart condition when he was a year old. Broke my heart. I've finally decided i'm ready to have another (yay!) and I'm due to...
  19. Diet and Nutrition
    I need help. I've had maple for about a month now, she's 4 months old and she won't eat her kibble, like at all. she will eat mealworms, and waxworms and other bugs, but nothing else. I've taken her to the vet and she didn't really have anything helpful to say. Maple is active at night, but...
1-20 of 150 Results