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  1. Health
    Hey there! Every now and then, but especially in the beginning I tried to find information about healthy weights of pygmy hedgehogs during certain stages of life. The answers were usually too vague, incomplete or not even related to pygmy hedgies. 😩 So instead I thought I'll put my data and...
  2. Diet and Nutrition
    Hello! I’ve got about a younger hedgehog , I’m not sure her age but I think it’s around 4-5 months. There is so much information, controversies, forums, etc. about what you should feed your hog. I’ve got her on dry cat food and that’s all. I’m really trying to upgrade her diet though as I’m...
  3. Diet and Nutrition
    I have a 4 year old male hedgehog. He never tips his food bowl while it has food in it. He has now just begun to do this even right after I clean up all the food. I feed him dry cat food.
  4. Diet and Nutrition
    I want to switch up my hedgehog Waddles food. The store bought ones seem really bad and I’ve been feeding it to her for like two years but now she has a giant cyst thing on her side. To be safe I wanna feed her something better. Will this mix work? HALO: indoor cat Grain free Protein: 32%...
  5. Diet and Nutrition
    Hello :) Our Heggie is healthy 1 year and 10 months old. Since our heggie did not like eating kibbles, we had to look for some other balanced alternative. So we decided to give him wet cat food along with 5-7 different types of insects as a staple diet. Occasionally he gets egg, or salmon as a...
  6. Diet and Nutrition
    Hey everyone! Just recently got a 7/8 week old baby girl hedgehog and was wondering if these two foods are a good mix. -purina beyond chicken and oatmeal cat food (I don’t know if this is the best but the ingredients looked good) -solid gold Katz-n-flocken Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe with Pearled...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, This is my 16 week old baby Plotinus! I've had him for about 10 weeks. We have bonded well and he is a happy, silly, curious, and super sweet boy! He handles well with other people and we haven't had too many problems. Some facts and topics I've struggled with but also have...
  8. Diet and Nutrition
    is it okay to just feed my hedgehog some cat food? or do i need to add mealworms in his diet? also can they have crickets is it safe for them?
  9. Fecal & Intestinal issues
    Hello, My hedgehog got prescribed Baytril. I know vomiting and loss of appetite can be a side effect of it, but I was just wondering if there is any way I can ensure he's eating and drinking enough. I noticed that almost every time he eats his food he'll gag some of it back up. He can keep the...
  10. General Questions
    Hi, I'm a new hedgehog owner of 3 months Papito, i bought him from breeder when he was 1 month. We're still trying to bond, he still try to run away or hide when I pick him up but he's okay with touch or strokes, and eating from my hand. So any bonding suggestions will be very much helpful 😁...
  11. Diet and Nutrition
    Hello! For the last few nights Amy has been leaving like 1/4 of her food but eating it during the day (it's the same amount as before). Is it normal or should I be concerned? Thank you in advance😊
  12. Health
    Hello fellow hedgehog community! So our little hoggy had an incident where he badly hurt his tongue while in his pen. We *think he cut his tongue on some newsprint paper at the base of his pen and then he tried to get rid of the pain by chewing on his tongue more, eventually it got so mangled...
  13. Diet and Nutrition
    Hello! Today I bought my hedgie, Cassie, some new treats. I was making sure these are okay. I read the ingredients which didn’t seem too bad and I figured if something didn’t work out, I could give them to my cat. Cassie would eat them in a limited amount and on rare occasions. Thanks!
  14. General Questions
    HI heggie lovers, I would appreciate if anyone could give me advice on the following . My heggie is 10 moths old, and we keep him out of cage at all times, providing him with with required temperature. He is very healthy and fit and running all night long and he has never had any problems...
  15. General Questions
    So im looking at getting a new hedgie, i havent had one in nearly 3 years so im researching as a refresher. Ive seen a lot of 'moisture' content in the hedgie food ive seen online, but i dont know what the minimum/maximum moisture should be in the hedgies food. help :(
  16. Diet and Nutrition
    Just wondering what the general opinion is on baby foods for hedgies as a treat. Domino is very anti anything that isn’t her kibble (she will just eat around anything else in her bowl including her old kibble her precious owner left for me). I’ve tried lettuce, blackberries, plain cooked...
  17. Diet and Nutrition
    Anyone have any ideas of store bought treats?
  18. Diet and Nutrition
    I've been looking into getting a hedgehog and have seen that cat food is often recommended. I currently have a cat that eats Iams Proactive Health healthy senior. Would that be good to also feed a hedgehog?
  19. General Questions
    I've been using the Stay Bowl for my hedgehog (since other bowls he used to tip over). He is just a few months past 2 yrs old now...Recently, however, the food has been getting much more all over the place. He steps in his food bowl with poopy feet a lot of the food gets all over my floor. I was...
  20. Diet and Nutrition
    Hey!! So I'm very new to this whole hedgehog owning thing, I just got my first baby boy Astro this past Friday, June fifth. On June 12th he will be 7 weeks old and he weighs 214gms. I just got back from his vet wellness check and they absolutely adored him! The breeder did an incredible job with...
1-20 of 158 Results