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  1. General Questions
    I have a 9 week baby. We never had Fleas until this past week. My roommates cat had gotten fleas. That being said. There are hedgehog fleas which these aren't. Can Hedgehogs get fleas from a cat? I've read different things. Some say yes, some say no. She so far has none. I've checked her over...
  2. Mites
    Hey everyone, I'm a new user and also a new hedgehog owner. I've had my albino hedgehog Marceline for about a month and a half. I usually put her in water a couple times a week to clean off her feet and whatnot (she tends to get herself into a mess). I noticed she was scratching herself like a...
  3. Health
    I took my hedgie out for bonding time, and I noticed he had a flea on him. :( (We have cats that occasionally pick them up, so I'll have to do a thorough check on them.) I managed to get it off him, but he won't let me see if he has any more; he's being really huffy to the point where he's...
1-3 of 3 Results