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  1. Skin
    I brought Prue home a week yesterday. At the breeder she looked a little bit pink, but the lighting was dim and I figured that it may be normal for her. After we arrived home, I let her roam around in a playpen. She was insanely itchy and had turned a bright, painful looking red. She had not yet...
  2. Mites
    Hi, I just got Sage for a month, she's one years old (her previous owner told me) and quite jumpy and grumpy when I got her, she's quite a biter too. She's been doing well for three weeks, I used to give my hedgehog baths once a month so I decided to bath Sage. I only used warm water. So first I...
  3. Skin
    So I had noticed Giz was scratching quite a bit, so I took her into the vet. All scrapings/tests came back negative. She told me to pick up some Humilac from Petco, but it's only available online. I ordered some Humilac through Amazon (after checking to make sure it was alright to use) so it...
1-3 of 3 Results