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  1. Health
    Hi I thought I'd start a new thread for my other concerns. I'd like to take Yuki for a general health check this Friday (I've had him for 7 weeks and he is almost 7 months, bought from an exotic pet store here in Tokyo). He does potentially have a few issues too, like very dry skin and...
  2. Skin
    I apologize in advance, I didn't know what category I should post this in. I already have a post in "Bleeding, Male" under "Health" but I haven't gotten any replies from anyone saying that they've seen this before. The bumps keep popping up & at first they bleed, but then they turn white. I'm...
  3. Health
    So I am getting my first hedgehog in a week, and I wanted to take him to the vet, just for a wellness exam. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for me for my first visit to the vet? I want to be prepared with questions and lots of them! :grin:
1-3 of 3 Results