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  1. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    I recently adopted an old albino hedgie from a pet store. I have no clue about her age, and the people at the store don't know either, but she's very tame and has very good manners. She's basically a puppy in a spiky body. Since I got her, she's been very active and shows no signs of any...
  2. Diet and Nutrition
    I think my hedgie is gaining weight too quickly. When I got her 6. January she was about 210g. I weighed her today and she is 373g(28. January). She is 11 weeks old. Is the sudden weight gain normal? She has her wheel and everything she needs. I free feed her because I read that restricting...
  3. Diet and Nutrition
    Hi, I wrote several posts about Robb's extremely fast weight gaining problem, and I think I finally found a reason of that, but I need to clear that out. Is it possible for hedgie to have cat food/its ingridients allergy? Would that end in getting fat? Robb was fed with cat food, diffrent...
  4. Diet and Nutrition
    My sweet hedgie Julep eats Blue Chicken and Rice indoor cat food. She is very active, but she seems to be overweight. She has little rolls over her legs. She is 7 months old.
  5. Health
    How will I know the difference between Crowley gaining weight because she's getting older and bad weight gain as in her getting fat or too much fat and junk food in her diet? I don't have a scale for her yet, but I've got one ordered. Tips for taking her weight? Ways to tell bad weight from...
1-5 of 5 Results