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  1. General Questions
    So, I'm a new owner with my first hedgehog. I fell in love right away. I got this little one four weeks ago from a previous owner who was unable to care for her very well. She's about a year old. She fits in one hand. Her name is Willow. In her previous home, she wasn't really ever handled and...
  2. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    Hello! I've had my hedgie for about a month. His name is Tucker and he is about 9 weeks old now. I spend anywhere from 15 minutes to a hour with him every day, but usually about 5 minutes into every bonding session, he gets super frantic and tries to run away from me towards his cage. It's...
  3. Fun Stuff
    So Dakarai is pretty young but I took him to the vet recently just for a "get acquainted" session as well as to find out if anything is overtly wrong. We got there and of course, at 5:30pm the spikey ball of death did not wish to be awake at that hour! The vet brought in a towel and held him...
1-3 of 3 Results