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european hedgehog

  1. Breeding & Babies Help
    Hello. New guy here. I'm not very familiar with hedgehogs so I'd be really grateful for any advice. So long story short: I live in a big city (in Bulgaria, Europe) and found a hedgehog in the grassland between the buildings. My first intention was to try to tame it and if that doesn't work out...
  2. Introductions
    Hello ! Found this awesome website while researching about caring for hoglets. i'm currently fostering 3 4 week old european hoglets back to health to re release in a safe area where a lot of other rehabilitated hedgies have been released before. unfortunately theyre considered a pest here in...
  3. General Questions
    Hello HH central, I'm doing some research and trying to find out about the similarities between pygmy & european hedgehogs, sorry if these seem like silly questions! Have there ever been cases of cross breeding? Can they catch the same diseases? Any insights would be much appreciated :) Thanks!
  4. Health
    Hello,everyone. I'm a boy and i'm 13 years old,before i bore you out with my hedgehog info,please take you're time and reply! this means the world to me. I wanted a pet,my whole life!So we got one after 10030249 years of waiting. Since my mom is allergic to every pet we got a hedgehog and she...