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  1. Eyes
    I got my hedgehog 3 years ago and stopped using anything with tea tree oil in it because I read that is toxic to hedgehogs. But something I am wondering is... 1) is it toxic if it is in an ointment that I use for my horse (that has a bunch of different oils and essential oils in it), but then...
  2. Health
    Hey guys. I typically diffuse 100% grade A therapeutic essential oils in my home. There is a lot of conflicting information on safety of diffusing and hedgies, outside of tea tree which is a solid no on. Wondering if anyone has some pretty solid info or experiences, or can point me in the...
  3. General Questions
    Hello! Does anyone have any information on hedgehogs and essential oils? I know that tea tree is toxic for them and a complete no go, but I'm going to be putting a diffuser in my bedroom with oils and I don't want them to harm Nina. I know strong smells should be avoided, but any other...
1-3 of 3 Results