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  1. General Questions
    About two months back I had sold my Hedgehog to a member of the family. Since he's been with her, he's escaped his cage once. When I had him, he never did it, never tried so I'm really curious as to why it's happened. Yesterday He escaped again. She looked everywhere and hasn't found him. Is...
  2. General Questions
    I am the new owner of a 8 week old albino hedgie (male). He still loves in a temporary cgae that he came in while we are waiting for his new one. That cage is a gerbil cage with 2 holes in the top of the cage (i guess for like tunnels or what not). Well my little guy has escaped! So my husband...
  3. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    So Nala is just 2 months and 2 weeks right now and I've only had her for a week. She's pretty much grumpy most of the time while inside her bin during the day but when I take her outside to bond, she'd be running around and doesn't like being held and just likes to run. I usually just put her...
  4. General Questions
    So I am a new hedgie owner and my name is Andrew. Knuckles is my 6 month old female hedgie. I have owned her for 6 days... Today I came home at my normal time from work, 10 PM and went for my normal routine with her. I'm in the process of resocializing her, so I always take her out when I get...
  5. Off Topic
    I mistakenly left the top of her cage off and went to work ( i was putting food in her bowl) later i got home around 10 and she apparently got out (the cage is on a dresser...its just taller than my shoulders. I felt HORRIBLE but she was ok no limping no anything that showed she was in pain. Now...
  6. Health
    My hedgehog escaped and I found him deep in fiberglass insulation and he has been sneezing a lot since then! I'm worried about it being in his airway. I have given him a bath. Is there anything else I can do?:confused:
1-6 of 6 Results