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  1. Cages
    Hey there! I just got a new enclosure for my hog and have no use for the old one. I have this Ikea display shelf IKEA Glass-Door Cabinet, Black-Brown https://a.co/d/gYLu5lq if anyone wants it for FREE. Pick up only in Leander, TX. Check out the Amazon reviews for what it'd look like as an...
  2. Housing & Accessories
    This is my take on a Bioactive African Pgmy hedgehog enclosure, it was an up and coming process which took loads of research but I’m happy with the results, I’ll list the substrate components on the list below: %40 Zilla Jungle Mix %40 ReptiSoil %10 Sand %10 Sphagnum Moss %5 Leaf Litter %10...
  3. Cages
    As I said in the above area, I need to create a housing area thats good for both me and my hedgie. I was thinking of using my closet, but I will need to use a shelving unit of sorts since I rent. We dont have anywhere we I can create the appropriate large wide space that most hedgies need...
1-3 of 3 Results