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  1. Skin
    so yeah i'm new, both here and with hedgehogs i got Huxley just 2 days ago and maybe it's just me being paranoid but i noticed some things off place. please take into account that there's no vet for hedgehogs where i live. yes, having one in this conditions may be irresponsible, i know. that's...
  2. Skin
    Hi! My name is Mary, I'm new to the forum. I'm taking care of my boyfriend's hedgehog while he is away traveling. The hedgie is around 3 years old and I think he likes me more than he likes him :lol: I noticed that he has some kind of dandruff between his quills. I'm attaching a couple of...
  3. Skin
    I recently rescued my first hedgie from a friend of mine who's family wasn't taking the best care of her. They told me she is about 2 years old. Once I got her home I noticed that she was scratching a lot and it is scaring me. she will be running on her wheel for about a minute(a new concept to...
1-3 of 3 Results