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  1. General Questions
    Hi! We have a 2 year old hedgehog, Frank, and we are interested in possibly adopting a dog(or two) but I am a little worried about them not being able to cohabitate together. We just moved into a new two bedroom apartment so my plan was to have Franks cage in the second bedroom and not allow the...
  2. Mites
    Hey all, I'm new to this forum. I recently adopted a hedgehog from a friend who didn't want to take care of it anymore. Apparently his poor care lead to worse things including mites. His skin when I first got him was flakey but I didn't see anything moving. Now today when I checked him it was...
  3. General Questions
    I have a 9 week old Female hedgy called Obie. My room typically averages around 80 degrees (I keep Obie in my room) and sometimes I turn the fan on cause its so hot sometimes. The fan is above her cage (not pointing at it) but will the cool wind be a potential problem? Also I have a miniature...
  4. Fun Stuff
    Okay- first a little background info. I just moved to an apartment in Denver and I have to run any animal by the landlord before I can get it. Soo I sent my landlord an email about a week ago asking if I can have a hedgehog and that I have an ESA Note (Emotional Support Animal- if you don't...
1-4 of 5 Results