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diy cage
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  1. Cages
    Hey everyone! I am looking into getting my second hedgie. I currently have a 1 year old male, looking to get another male but a baby. How do you house two hedgehogs? Do you use two cages, are they store bought or did you make your own? Please send me pictures if possible! Just a side...
  2. DIY How to make your own
    Hello! I am creating a cage for my future hedgehog, but I need help. Does anyone know of a non-toxic paint & stain that I can use? (In a later post I will post a picture of the cage)
  3. Cages
    http://www.sears.com/meritline-mesh-cube-storage-set-silver/p-SPM6310990209P?PDP_REDIRECT=false Just found these online while browsing around. The price is nice, and they're really sharp-looking! Just wanted to share in case anybody is looking to build a C&C cage.
1-3 of 3 Results