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  1. Health
    my girl yona has been eating a tad less, and has had some darker colored urine than normal. Today, during belly rubs, i noticed she had a brown discharge substance coming from her lady parts. I have included photos, can someone please help.
  2. Health
    Hi all, Last night my hedgehog, Nellie, was sleeping in my lap. She started moving around a lot (she has done this every now and then as long as I can remember, I assume she is dreaming of running around :)) I picked her up as she started moving more and when I turned her over a steady stream...
  3. Bleeding, Male
    Hi guys I have a 2 year old male hog and I noticed he had a little bit of brownish gunk from his penis and so I wiped it off and maybe I'm just being paranoid or something, (he hates being on his back or anything but on his feet/belly when cuddling so I don't get to see his belly area often...
  4. Health
    I just adopted a couple week old hedgehog on the 11th of April, 2015 and he is already having troubles breathing. He continually gets dried boogers covering his nose and has discharge from his eyes. He does not seem too grumpy, yet it is difficult to tell since I have only recently adopted him...
  5. Eyes
    Ziggy is a 9 month old male. He was already blind in one eye when I rescued him. About 2 months ago I came home to Ziggy's good eye outside of its socket and clawed to bits. I rushed him into the vet and the eye was non viable. We spent 5 days in and out of the vet trying different solutions...
  6. Health
    I just have Rosie a bath and She was running around playing like she always does and then when I had her on the couch she popped and peed and there was a spot of what looked like white discharge.. Is this something that females do ? I'm concerned.. Also she's never had any babies and she's not...
1-6 of 6 Results