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  1. General Questions
    My hedgie, Hurley, is about 3 years old. At about 1 1/2, I introduced him to empty cardboard boxes and he LOVES to poop in them. For the most part, that is where he poops. He also likes to poop on his wheel, but what hedgie doesn't? Now that he associates cardboard boxes with pooping, he poops...
  2. General Questions
    I am trying to make a dig box for my heggie. She loves to dig in her litter box which gets messy! I would love to replace that behavior by giving her a different type of dig box. Any suggestions? I have a 2 inch deep tupperwear container, and fleece strips so far. Any other suggestions?
  3. General Questions
    I made little dig box using a Kleenex box and filled it with those pom pom balls. I also have some felt from Walmart. If I cut the felt into strips would they be okay to use? Not sure if it really makes a difference since its not fleece.
  4. Toys
    Hi guys, on a quest to make Lottie's cage more interesting, I took to pinterest and stole this hedgehog ball pit dig box idea. (See pic attached) Lottie absolutely loves it. She has never been one for standard toys and much prefers to dig in her fleece and drag it around, so this is brilliant...
  5. Cages
    Hi guys :D So my little hedgehog Lottie is nearly two now. She has lived happily in her 3ft by 2ft plastic cage with no issues since I first had her. Her cage has two beds on the hot and cooler end, some cat toys, two tunnels, her wheel, litter tray and food/water bowls. She is kept on fleece...
  6. Toys
    Hello everyone, I'd really like to make a dig box for my hedgie, but as her cage liner, bed and some other toys will all be made of fleece, I'd like to use something different to give her a bit of variety. I found these...
  7. Hedgehog Personality and Behaviour
    hi everyone. I've had my hedgie for almost a month now and I think things between me and my hedgie are alright.. this is the problem: whenever I take him out of the cage he hisses and jumps a lot. I lay on my bed and put him on my stomach and after a minute or two he will calm down and start...
1-7 of 7 Results