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  1. Health
    Hello, So I live in a one bedroom, one bathroom house with a living area. My hedgehog used to be in my room but girlfriend is a light sleeper so now the cage is in the living area. The only issue this poses is that I used to enjoy late night video game binges on the weekend but obviously I can't...
  2. Heating
    I live in an apartment right across the street from a car lot-- the apartments were built before the car lot, I'd assume, since the windows are huge and in every room. Up until recently, it's been about 70 F inside at all times so at night, I would just toss a blanket over my hedgie's cage at...
  3. Color Help
    Hi, I am getting ready to purchase a baby hedgehog but would like to know what colour you guys/gals think it would be classified as. I asked the breeder but they are having a hard time figuring out what colour it is. The hedgehog in the picture is about 4 weeks old.
1-3 of 3 Results