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  1. Health
    Hi everyone! When I was washing my 5 year old hedgehog Nimbus this evening, I noticed a bump on the upper part of one of his front legs that I hadn’t seen before. I had last given him a full bath and nail trimming about three weeks ago (he doesn’t get very dirty super quickly as he’s gotten...
  2. Skin
    Our Sonic has this lump behind his ear. It’s a whiteish color and you can see what I assume are little pink veins. I called the vet but they don’t work on hedgehogs very often and would have to put him to sleep just to look at it. He’s 4.5 years old so we’re nervous to do that. He’s eating and...
  3. Health
    My hedgehog pip has a cyst on her kidney, shes super active and eats well. The vet said it isnt common in hedgehogs, so im wondering if anyone else has dealt with it before.
  4. Feet and legs
    Hi, today I was holding my 3 year old female hedgehog Leni, when I noticed she had an unusual bump on her leg after she had pooped. I think it might’ve appeared overnight because yesterday I was playing with her and I hadn’t seen anything out of the ordinary. I have no idea what it is or what it...
  5. Skin
    Hey guys, so tonight I took Penelope out for our normal nightly routine and noticed a weird spot on her blanket. So I decided to flip her over and look at her belly and I noticed a swollen looking purple cyst. I'm not sure if her vagina is swollen or if there is a cyst by it. Has anyone ever...
1-5 of 5 Results