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  1. Fun Stuff
    I can't get over how cute Pixie is. I can't stop taking photos of her. She could literally win hedgehogs top model. Absolutely love my girl. :grin:
  2. Fun Stuff
    I can't get over how cute African pygmy hedgehogs are. I've only had Pixie for a week and I am totally in love :grin:
  3. Fun Stuff
    Sometimes when I'm holding Como Tu in my reverse hoodie, she enjoys to crawl up the hoodie and then go towards my neck and just fall asleep there. Another sleeping area she enjoys is when I lift my shirt for her when i'm on my side and she goes close to where my armpit is. Haha! Does anyone...
  4. Off Topic
    My robo hamsters- (ps sorry for the huge pics, how do I fix that?) Pip^ Squeak^ Anyone else have hamster pictures to share? :)
1-4 of 4 Results