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  1. Skin
    Hi everyone, I'm a new hedgehog owner (got her a week ago) and I'm a bit concerned about the little hedgie. When I saw her at the breeder's, she was kept in the same cage as another female and I noticed that both of them scratched themselves a few times. I brought her home anyway, and she...
  2. Health
    My male hedgehog is almost a year old now and I've been noticing white crust on his blankets and he has a thick white coating on it on a few of his spines on his forehead. I bathed him and couldn't get it off. I was reading up and heard this may be mites? Or even sperm? Any ideas???
  3. Skin
    Hello, all! My little baby Blu has recently developed two not-so-cute scabs/crusties on either side of his nose. They don't seem to be coming from his actual nostrils or his eyes, rather they are right in between them, but identical on each side. I am very worried about what might've caused...
  4. Skin
    Hi Everyone, In another thread I mentioned that my new hedgehog was wheezing/sneezing/sniffling. Making a weird sound and kept licking her nose. When I took her in to the vet last week there was stuff stuck on her nose and skin(hair part) and the vet said it was probably just food. It was...
1-4 of 5 Results