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  1. Respiratory Infections
    My poor lil Britney started sneezing a little this morning 🥺 She doesn't have any snot bubbles, she hasn't been licking her nose, and her nose doesn't seem more wet than usual. Her behavior is still the same, too. I made an appt for this weekend (that's the soonest she can be seen). I want her...
  2. Health
    Hi everyone, my little Maka has been coughin since I got her, I have her since last xmas and she came with some problems already, like diarrhea and this cough, I suppose it is because she had been staying in a pet store for a week and they had no lamp to keep her warm. I started with some...
  3. General Questions
    So my hedgie is about 3 months old and she sleeps with me (in the same blanket) while I do my studying on the computer. Today, as she was sleeping inside the blanket on my legs, she moved around for a second and then squealed/screamed for a short time (half a second at least). Then, I suddently...
1-3 of 3 Results