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  1. DIY How to make your own
    So there are no suitable pens where I live and the only way would be to order off of Amazon -which is going to be way too costly for me, considering I am a student- and I thought I would make my own. If I made 40(height)x50(width) coroplast pieces and duck-taped them together so they would...
  2. Cages
    Well purchased a premade C&C cage. Well made outside but what ever they used for the inside was falling apart. So I threw it out and though "oh I'll just buy some coroplast and cut it to fit- easy as pie." I was so wrong! It was a nightmare to find coroplast- didn't even find a big enough sheet...
  3. Housing & Accessories
    I'm so confused. My local Home Depot does not carry coroplast. I can't find any other place except my local sign store. They want 40$ for one 68x39 sheet. Is that reasonable? I feel like they're ripping me off. Any suggestions?
  4. Cages
    I have a wire cage right now, and I don't want my hedgehog to start climbing. I can't seem to find any cheap coroplast, plus I'm not very handy when it comes to things like that :???: Does anyone have suggestions for what else I can use? Ideally something that's going to look pretty good but...
1-4 of 4 Results