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  1. Health
    On July 1st I noticed a large red lump on Beatrix, but being Sunday and Canada day, the vet was closed until Tuesday. When they saw her they said that it was more likely a tumor than an infection but couldn't know for sure without putting her under and taking a biopsy. Because she's already a...
  2. Igloos, Bags & Sleeping options
    The wooden house our Wednesday sleeps in is getting too small for her... or rather she's getting too big for it. I want to provide the ultimate super comfortable sleeping place. She always burrows under all the fleece in her house and sleeps on the bare floor. It seems really uncomfortable to...
  3. Igloos, Bags & Sleeping options
    I'm looking around online to buy a couple so I have them when I get my hedgie in a couple weeks. Any suggestions for where you get yours? (Preferably something that won't hurt my wallet lol). Also do you have any other accessories that your hedgie really likes or that you recommend?
1-3 of 3 Results